With the holidays around the corner, you might be wondering what to get the sports fan in your life – especially if they already seem to have tons of sports swag. The following list of cool, unusual and retro gear for sports fans will be sure to please.

  1. Top retired athletes. Remember when everyone knew that “Bo knows”? Did you grow up watching Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, Reggie Jackson and Joe Montana? If you’re looking for a gift for someone who misses their favorite past greats, picking up a jersey or other collectible is just the thing. Great items for everyone from Dale Earnhardt to John Elway are available online so go ahead and indulge that uncle who still insists Dan Marino was the best quarterback ever.
  2. Throwback teams. Remember the good old days when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn, the Rams were in St. Louis and you went to see the California Angels at Anaheim Stadium? That all might be a thing of the past but if you want to wax nostalgic, there’s gear for that. You name the throwback team from the Baltimore Colts to the Washington Senators, and there’s plenty sweet gear and memorabilia to go around.
  3. Vintage brands. There’s nothing quite like a Detroit Red Wings Old Time Hockey Lacer. If you think sports gear just isn’t what it used to be, you might be right. That’s why brands like ’47, Mitchell & Ness, Majestic Threads, Junk Food and many more – including Old Time – offer vintage t-shirts, jerseys, button-up shirts and women’s shirts. Show your retro pride with stylish threads from vintage brands.
  4. Throwback jerseys. Take a trip back in time to the good old days when the last name Sanders belonged to Deion and Barry. Pick up one of their jerseys now and confuse the heck out of the kids down the street. Proudly wear jerseys for Csonka and Butkus or test your friends’ sports trivia knowledge by wearing Seattle’s #12 Fan jersey.
  5. Team USA Olympic gear. Rio might be in the rear view mirror but Olympic pride never goes out of style. If you missed out on Team USA gear this summer don’t worry – it’s still available and makes the perfect gift for the patriotic sports fan. Gear is available by sport as well as designer offerings by Ralph Lauren.

Choose one of these great sports fan gifts and wow your loved ones.