Football is one of the most widely followed sports in America, and its incredible popularity has created an enthusiastic fan base that fuels the sales of jerseys, cards and much more each year. While choosing a gift for those who love the game may seem difficult for individuals who do not care for the sport, it is possible for anyone to satisfy the rabid gridiron fan in his or her life.

Options for Small Budgets

Although high-quality football paraphernalia is expensive, shoppers on a budget of less than $50 can look forward to giving their favorite sports fan items marked with the logo of a preferred team; for instance, purchase headphones branded with the Patriots insignia, blankets featuring the Cowboys or even pajama bottoms designed for fans of the Lions. Regardless of how much a football-themed gift costs, the recipient will appreciate the thought put into the purchase.

Football-Themed Gifts for Average Budgets

Those who plan to give a football-themed gift in the $50 to $100 dollar range also have plenty of options. Consider purchasing a high-quality, leather wallet etched with the name of a favorite team, a jersey with the name and number of a beloved player or a video game that allows the recipient to test his or her virtual gridiron skills against members of the other team. Shoppers looking for a really unique present can also select one or two football-themed movies, several favorite snacks a six-pack of good beer to create an unforgettable gift basket.

Choices for Large-Budget Shoppers

Those shoppers who have the resources to spend more than $100 on a football-themed gift will find options within their budget; items in this category often carry price tags ranging from the affordable into tens of thousands of dollars. Rookie cards, autographed football jerseys, signed helmets and autographed golf gear are all excellent gift choices for fans who truly love their teams. When shopping for such items, it is important to remember to authenticate the signatures on gifts that have the potential to be forgeries.

Giving Memorable Football-Themed Gifts

Football is the favorite sport of many men, women and young people throughout the United States, and selecting a gift that follows that theme is one way to ensure that the recipient will be both satisfied and excited with the items given to them by family members, friends or other loved ones.