Golf isn’t typically a game associated with exhaustion. After all, when compared to physically strenuous sports like baseball, basketball and football, golf doesn’t seem particularly high-risk. However, looks can be deceiving. While it’s true that golf doesn’t pose as many immediate dangers to players as the aforementioned sports, thousands of golfers fall victim to exhaustion each year. Fortunately, staving off exhaustion on the golf course is easy – provided you’re armed with the right knowledge. The following tips can prove helpful in keeping you and your fellow golfers safe the next time you hit the green.

Keep Your Golf Cart in Prime Condition

Traversing an entire golf course on foot can prove exhausting, particularly for golfers who aren’t in the best of shape. Even physically-fit golfing enthusiasts are liable to have a difficult time of it. This is why a well-maintained golf cart is an absolute must for golfers who wish to preserve their energy for swinging clubs. In addition to regularly checking your golf cart for signs of wear, take care to replace club car parts as needed. This will ensure that your cart remains in prime condition for years to come, providing you and your golf buddies with top-notch protection from harmful UV rays and physical exhaustion.

Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Staying hydrated throughout every golf outing can help you preserve energy, replenish electrolytes and protect against heatstroke and exhaustion. For best results, bring a cooler full of bottled water and sports drinks every time you and your friends hit the links.

Bring Sun Protection

The sun can cause a litany of problems for golfers, heatstroke chief among them. The sun is particularly harmful to summertime golfers and golf lovers who live in perpetually hot environments. To guard against sunburn and skin damage, you’ll need to purchase the proper SPF sunscreen and reapply it as the packaging demands. Secondly, wearing a cap or visor can help keep the sun out of your eyes while you’re lining up your shots and taking your swings. Lastly, equipping your golf cart with a resilient UV-resistant roof will keep the sun at bay while you make your way from hole to hole.

Heading out for a day on the links can prove dangerous if you’re not prepared. Heatstroke, sunburn and extreme fatigue await golfers who enter the fray without taking the proper precautions. To ensure that your next golf outing goes off without a hitch, keep your golf cart in good shape, stay hydrated and protect yourself from excessive sun exposure.